• 2005-02-21

    Profile about Ricky


      “I’m not happy with the work I’m doing now, so I decided to come here,” said Ricky Nahorniak, in his first journalistic writing course in the University of Nevada, Reno. The two-year program will lead to a master’s degree in journalism.
      With a short haircut and moderate frame, he is the “quiet-type” of person as he pointed out himself. But he insisted he is not trying to hide himself from others, “I’m just not that loud.”
      He began to tell his story. His speech was quiet, but well-paced.
      After finishing a bachelor’s degree as an English major three years ago, Ricky has been working at a gambling game company named International Gaming Technology.
      “It is boring,” he said, adding that it is just jackpot promoting paperwork.
      Whenever someone won in the game, Ricky had to write a piece to declare his victory, so as to attract more customers.
      He loves writing, but he said he wants to write something interesting instead of that promotion stuff.
      “Writing is nice, not only writing for newspaper, but also other kinds of writing,” he said.
      Admitting he has not written a lot besides the promotion paperwork, he emphasized his love toward writing anyway, and believed he will love to write as a journalist, even though the new career will mean less pays than from his current job.
      Ricky dose not think he is handsomely paid at the gaming company. Yet he is aware that the industry of journalism might require even longer hours and less pay.
      “But as long as I’m happy and the pay is enough to pay my bills, I don’t care how much I will earn as a journalist,” he said.
      Switching to a new career is not easy. Actually Ricky has not quit his current job, as he is buying a new house that will cost him about $200,000.
      He will move into the new house in September with his wife. The financial pressure will not end there as they will have to pay the house by installment.
      Also, he will have to well-allocate his time between work and study in order to keep both going.
      His shift in the company goes from Wednesday to the weekends. And fortunately he has the break of Monday and Tuesday to go to school.
      Considering the homework and assignments given by the professors, he does not seem to have much time for a breath of relief.
      “I have to sacrifice my time of staying with my wife, but I think she understands,” said Ricky, who got married four years ago when he was 24.
      “My wife told me she is happy as long as I am happy with what I am doing,” he use the word nice to describe his woman.
    By Gang Wu  
      Ricky does not appear to be happy until he talked about his favorite game of ice hockey. He said he loves this game. He used to play it on a weekly basis in Sparks.
      But he has not played the expensive game for weeks. The full gear for the game will cost $600 and each hour of play $20.
      “I’m poor now, actually broke,” he shrugged.
      A California-born man, he has never stepped out of the land of the USA. If he had enough money, he would surely like to travel around the world, he said.

      The career in journalism will give him some hopes, maybe.