• 2005-05-22

    Bingo, a treasure hunted!


    <img src="http://photos9.flickr.com/15050761_54b173a139.jpg">
    Three picks today: monitor, 1995 Grammy Nominees CD, and Polk Audio PC speakers.

    It's Saturday again, time for Yard Sale treasure hunt again. The best pick: a 19" Dell Ultrascan P991 Trinitron CRT monitor, for only 20 dollars!

    My surprise did not came so strong until I checked the Chinese websites, discovering that “DELL P911相信大家都是耳熟能详了,最大卖点就是它是SONY为DELL OEM的产品,实际上就是SONY的G400!其性能指标基本上和G400一样,当然在外观上还是有些区别,堪称19寸纯平显示器中的极品。


    And four years ago when my monitor came out of factory, the retail price in China was around 5000 yuan (link:<strong><a href="http://tech.sina.com.cn/h/n/66208.shtml" target="_blank">DELL P991重现市场</a></strong>)!! Even used monitors were sold for 1,500 yuan last year (link: <strong><a href="http://www.beareyes.com.cn/2/lib/200407/31/20040731134.htm" target="_blank"> 鼎好又见DELL P991,成色很新售价1500</a></strong>). And now I bought it for only 20 bucks, or less than 200 yuan!

    It is a very new monitor. It's owner said she remembered they had bought this machine for only one year orso. The label on the back read it was made in May, 2001. It might not be sold until a couple of years later.

    I'll sell my older 17" CRT monitor to make way for my bigger and newer Trinitron. I used to hunger for a 17" or 19" Samsung LCD montor, which is priced between $300-400. Since I need to save money for a laptop computer - in order to avoid trouble with my wife over lack of computers for homework - I decided I'll forget about LCD for the time being and enjoy my big screen CRT.