• 2005-08-30

    * Back to School


    It's nice to be back to school. The three months of summer vacation passed as if it did not ever exist. I was like a walking dead night and day without doing much meaningful stuff. Although anticipation of having to study and work again was a bit scary, when I did sit in a classroom listening to the instructor raving all over the world, it felt cool.

    I'm having three courses this semester. So far, I find this will be a semester with all courses that I like. Photojournalism, Travel Writing, Interactive Media.

    Since UNR has not graduate-level photo-j class, I have to sign up for an so-called independent study supervised by a graduate faculty member. In order to learn more from a interactive class atomosphere, I asked for a photo-j instructor's consent to sit in on his undergraduate-level class. It is a beginning class for journalism students, but I felt so good this morning when I sat with the class, watching slide-shows of New York Times' receent storm story. The instructor, Ira, as most photojournalists in China, is not an academic professor but a rough journalist talking the rough River-and-Lake's talk. Although some students who checked out cameras from my lab last semester complained to me that he is mean, I think I like this guy so far as you don't make him mad.

     The travel writing class, according to students who took it last semester, is very interesting. I guess it should not be boring, as you might learn a lot about how professional travel writers tell stories of wonderful places in the world. It will help me a lot in how to describe a place, people's life and whatever comes to your senses. It's important to learn how to tell a travel story with taste.

    Before I got to know the syllabus of the interactive media class, I had thought it might be another multimedia class similar to what I took last semester. I'm sort of tired of doing those flash, quicktime and streneous video editing, ect. It turned out to be a completely different course. This class will focus on how people are utilizing the Internet to do journalism. There are many techs involved, such as blog, known as a new way of citizen journalism in which every ordinary individual can serve as a journalist to report things happening around him. The only thing that scares me is that in the end we'll have to write a literature review and "contribute to a publishable chapter" to a class project concerning an aspect in interactive media technology. I hate literature review which requires you to stick to stick to strick academic styles, especially citation.

    This got to be a hectic semester, as I'll have three courses, lab management work, and some driving tasks morning and evenings. Let's enjoy and I'll keep feeding you guys with some of my works here.