• 2005-04-30

    * They come and go


    They come and go, my newspaper fellows.
    2005-4-30 星期六(Saturday) 晴

    home这孩子他爸,Zhang Dong,at last accomplished his transition from newspaper to a commercial organization,a publishing house in juvenile readings, according to Xie. Good for him. First spent three years in so-called Office of Editor-in-Chief, which is actally a secretary room in chief; then ran away to the website section of the newspaper; then jumped to the newly-established school-oriented English newspaper. Now he's eventually stepping out of the China Daily umbrella. A nice transition. He must be making more money now.
    NND I'm so envious of my old guys attending another soccer league in Beijing again. A match each week is so shuang! Especially when teaming with our own guys. Sometimes I would long for staying in that comfortable life at China Daily, though not working too hard or making enough money. The sheer leisure life of playing soccer and eating in various restaurants and fooling around is already enough, though it's like opium. Now that our guys are leaving one after another, maybe that kind of life is only a luxury no longer.
    Zeng Min, another former colleague who's now studying in Ohio University, is going to have his summer internship at Bloomberg this summer. He's great in achieving that. But I'm wondering how he convinced Bloomberg he can do business report. He used to be in national news pages as I was. His clips and study in OU did not say anything about that a? This guy must have a greasy mouth, and his spoken English is certainly impressive. Admirable.