• 2005-04-20

    * Funny and nice pictures


    Funny and nice pictures
    2005-4-20 星期三(Wednesday) 晴

    I couldn't help but burst into laughters when I came across a picture in the photo gallery on Washington Post website today. You know the background story is about anti-Japanese protest in Shanghai, right?

    Another picture is not funny, but it's really a nice shot at a nice moment.

    A policeman looking through a broken window.

    Also, I guess you would like to share this photo gallery, too. You know, sometimes when you see greatt photo works, you are so inspired and can't wait to do it yourself, shooting all these impressive actions and moments.

    Link to Washington Post Gallery: Anti-Japanese Protest in Shanghai

    Another picture from Washington Post:

    The caption reads, April 18: Blake Sanford, 6, son of South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, waits his turn to shake hands with President Bush, who traveled to Columbia, S.C. to deliver a speech on Social Security reform.

    Pretty unique and candid perspective.