• 2006-03-30

    + I came, I saw, but


    The Christian Science Monitor ran a story about US sentors Charles Schumer and Lindsay Graham visiting China last week. A relief to see these two guys start to inch away from their attempt to club China for its currency policies, an attempt resulted from panic of worsening trade imbalance with China.

    A nice lead of the story:

    They came. They saw. But rather than conquer - they began a "process of careful rumination."


    "It's been an eye-opening visit," he said, noting that reform in China appears to be both more complex, and further developed, than he realized.

    同时还学了一个短语:the jury is still out.  意为:尚无定论

    On China visit, US senators tone down tariff talk
    | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
    另见纽约时报亲中社论:Mr Schumer goes to China: