• 2008-11-01

    + D1H goes on ebay


    一年前400刀买的used D1H终于复上ebay。机器太多,年老色衰的只好让路 - 旧的不去,新的怎来?

    This is a Nikon D1H camera in pretty good conditions. As you can see in the big pictures, cosmetically it shows its age, but no major dings or scratches. The LCD screen on the back does show some wear, though. The rubber wraps are firm and feels good in hand. All parts function 100%.

    Nikon's D1H is still a beast till today in terms of speed, 5 frames in a second, 40 frames in a row. Turning-on response, focusing speed and the speed of browsing pictures are still superior to today's D40, D50, D60, D80 and D90 cameras - as you might have known, it was designed to be a pro gear for sports and news photography, only to be replaced by recent pro line-ups  D2H and D3.

    Paypal only. USA buyers only. Shipping is $12 for USPS priority mail. Pls note my 100% rating and feel free to ask any questions.  Cheers.


    Up front

    front and bottom

    back and charger

    On the last day before the auction ends, I took the D1H out for a "nostalgic" revisiting trip - I mean, to try this camera the last time. It still gave me surprises, though the first look on its LCD did not show as much depth and colors as on my computer. Here is what it had today, a beautiful autumn day, and a Happy Halloween: