• 2009-07-21

    + Irish, not British


    报社外国专家Peter是英国人,想不通为什么咱们报纸写到Internet一定要大写I,问我,这互联网不就跟电话电视一样,既然telephone、 radio什么的都不大写,为什么Internet非要大写?我说我也不知道啊,好像美国人都这么用,我们就沿用这个style了吧。我想起互联网不是美国人搞的么,就跟Peter说既然人家发明的,那就按他们的写也情有可原吧。Peter一听来劲了,“不,互联网是我们英国人发明的。不过是美国人有钱,他们才develop到现在的地步”。我心里暗笑,咋有点像我们中国人说啥都是我们古人就发明的一样呢?


    Peter看出我的不以为然,回去居然搜罗出来下面的证据,在msn上贴给我。霍,so what?我笑他民族自豪感高涨,他居然强调自己不是英格兰人主宰的British,而是爱尔兰和苏格兰后裔,“都是想反抗英格兰人闹独.立的”,他说,然后想起了我们的西藏与新疆。于是我们扯开去了……





    I stand corrected...Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, OM, KBE, FRS, FREng, FRSA (London, 8 June 1955), is an English engineer and computer scientist and MIT professor credited with inventing the World Wide Web, making the first proposal for it in March 1989. On 25 December 1990, with the help of Robert Cailliau and a young student staff at CERN, he implemented the first successful communication betwee

    he invented the web..or Web...


    吴钢g: hah, national pride. I trust you.


    peter:I'm Irish! well - I have two passports


    吴钢: hoho。you sound British, not Irish


    peter: born in Britain, lived/worked in Ireland. father irish, mother Scottish


    吴钢: but why speak British


    peter: both want independence = and one got it


    吴钢: ho. even Scotland wants to break away?


    peter: same reason why the Uygurs and Tibetans speak mandarin - colonialism. Yes - and might get it in a decade


    吴钢: what's so good to break apart


    pete: it what happens when states become to big  - the expansion of europe has actually led to more independence claims...scots hate the English - like the Irish and welsh...You think china has problems!


    吴钢: it's interesting that except for some Tibetans and Uygurs, the rest of China, 28 provinces/regions, just want to stay, and proud to be Chinese.


    peter: of course, and so they should be proud but not every one in the UK is proud to be British


    吴钢: poor Britons. what a splendid flash of its empire era - its global times, haha


    peter: touche!


    peter: rise and fall, fall and rise - like the tide, that what empires do best...Anyway, must do some work




  • 好像Internet不管在哪里都是大写的吧?美国媒体都是大写的吧?
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